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World Cruises and Grand Voyages

Explore The World On A Leisurely Voyage
World cruises used to be just that – cruises that circumnavigated the globe in ultimate luxury. These days most world cruises are long voyages that do not circle the entire earth, but instead focus on itineraries to special parts of the world. We like to call them Grand Voyages. The other thing that has changed is the atmosphere onboard, which has become a lot less formal. Actually quite casual and comfortable, except on some formal nights. And let’s not forget the pricing, which is now often quite affordable. Some savvy travelers use these cruise ships as their second home during the winter months.

Those who return to Grand Voyage cruising year after year will find that there is a sense of community – they meet not only friends, but also staff and officers they know from previous voyages.

And a Grand Voyage will every year create new memories.

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