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South America Cruises

Chile, Argentina, Galapagos, Antarctica and more
South America Cruises are all about new experiences and magical scenery. These cruise will take you to some distinctly different regions. The most popular is to cruise “Around The Horn”, between Chile and Argentina, cruising the Chilean fjords and Cape Horn – and visiting several ports in those countries and in Uruguay. Some cruises also visit the Falkland Islands. The “Around The Horn” cruises can be combined with the repositioning cruises from ports in Florida or California, for a full South America experience. Holland America Line and some other cruise lines also have Grand Voyages of more than two months.

Other options are to go where few other cruisers have a chance to go, namely either Antarctica or the Galapagos Islands.

A cruise to Antarctica is a voyage to a place unlike any other on earth – a magical place of icebergs, whales, elephant seals, albatrosses and penguins upon penguins. Excursions on Zodiacs take you ashore to explore. Note that the big ships only do a “scenic cruise”, without the possibility of going ashore. Choose a smaller expedition ship, such as Hurtigruten, Lindblad Expeditions, or Silversea for a real Antarctica exploration experience.

Expedition ships offer cruises to the Galapagos. A “Must-Go” for nature lovers. Here you will actively explore the islands, with professional naturalist guides explaining the animal sightings along every step of the way. The guided tours are included (you cannot wander off on your own), and offered at different levels of activity, but it should be noted that getting ashore on some of the islands does require some agility. The Galapagos Islands are situated close to the Equator, and you can cruise the Galapagos yearround. Note that the albatross migrates; it arrives at the islands in April for courtship, and leaves in December.

Remember that South America’s seasons are reverse from North America’s. With the exception of year-round Galapagos cruises the South America and Antarctica cruise season is during the North American winter.

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