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Fall Foliage Cruises
On fall voyages to New England and eastern Canada, visitors are greeted by the world’s ultimate palette of colors with panoramic views of leaves changing from emerald green to hues of ruby, amber and gold. As summer turns to autumn, 7 day and longer itineraries sail along the East Coast of North America for the unparalleled annual display of fall foliage. Each itinerary ensures there is plenty of time to sample some Maine lobster, hunt for antiques and capture the vibrant leaves.

Don’t forget your passport, even if you are an American cruising to your friendly neighbors in Canada. Rules require passports, and your border crossings are likely to go smoother, too. The only exceptions are travelers returning on a “closed-loop cruise,” which is defined as a Western Hemisphere itinerary that starts and ends at the same port. In these situations, a birth certificate and drivers license will suffice, although it is wisest to carry a passport.

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