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Cruising East Asia
Several of the major cruise lines cover all the best Asia cruise itineraries. Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises and Costa base ships in the East Asia and Dubai for a series of various cruises. Holland America Line and Celebrity Cruises do not base their ships in particular ports, but instead cover the entire region with their longer cruises. Virtually all the deluxe and luxury cruise lines also cruise Asia.

In addition to the ocean-going cruises, there are river cruises on the Yangtze in China, and the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia. Many of the river cruises combine with land tour vacations. This is a great way to get closer to the Asian cultures. Even when taking an ocean cruise, a combination with a land tour can provide the perfect Asia trip. After all, what one wants from an Asia vacation is to have a memorable and enriching journey.

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